meet lindsey.

portrait photographer and #boymom

I'm Lindsey Schuh, and most often you'll find me chasing my 3 wild boys, hosing mud off of them or making the newest addition of the Crawfish Bucket Hotel after their recent catch.

I love all things DIY and my favorite projects are the ones I get to do with my husband. Our favorite date nights aren't necessarily the fancy ones, but the ones where we can relax, breathe and enjoy the kid-free silence.

I'm definitely a bubbles and bourbon kind of girl and will use any excuse to raise a toast to celebrate. Celebrating families through my photography is my absolute favorite, and parents are often laughing at me make a fool of myself during sessions doing and saying whatever it takes to make your littles laugh & have a good time!

a few of my favorite things

the mountains and the lake.

I feel like I practically grew up on Lake Shasta and constantly visited the mountains in Tahoe to ski and explore. These places feel like home to me and I feel spoiled because I couldn't survive a hot place without a lake nearby or a cold place without skis and a cup of hot cocoa...possibly spiked...for extra warmth of course, haha!


Where to begin with these three? The oldest caused $30k in damage to our house by flooding it at 5am at age 3, the second broke his teeth jumping in the bathtub by age 2 and the third...well, just as with any youngest child, there are no words, haha! Between them painting each other with sheetrock mud, car oil or coming home from a creek wet and nasty after catching crawdads, I have my hands full...but so is my heart! These boys love their mama and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Photo Credit: Kristen Campbell with Weddings by CK Photography

my love.

We grew up knowing all the same people, yet never met until the right time. We have been married since October of 2007 and have bought two houses together, remodeled two houses, had 3 children, buried 2 fur babies and been through countless ups and downs. This man has my back, my side and my front every step of the way. You could say I'm a strong woman to handle and this man loves me with such depth, respect and grace. This journey with him is my all-time favorite!

Photo Credit: Kristen Campbell with Weddings by CK Photography

connecting with people.

I have found photography to be such a powerful way of bringing loved ones together and reconnecting. I have heard so many funny, and sweet tender stories from clients about their families through the whole process and some beautiful stories that were a result of documenting these connections in photograph form. Capturing the way people love often makes people cry, for all the right reasons and I am humbled to be a part of the storyline.