Meneghelli Family

November 4, 2016


I'd like to introduce you to Mike & Gretchen Meneghelli. They are one of the sweetest couples I know and although I already knew they were of Italian lineage (with a name like Meneghelli, how could they not be) but I did not know how deep these roots ran nor how connected they are to their heritage. I loved being in their home, discussing potential wall art displays for their family portraits, and along the way, hearing stories of their time in Italy and seeing photographs of the doors to homes where relative were born many years ago. They have their family tree proudly displayed and their love of family, tradition and legacy is one to be admired.



Mike & Gretchen were joined by their son & daughter and their families at their photo session. It was a beautiful day and the kiddos really enjoyed exploring the creek, tree and waterfall. I managed to get them all together for the full family shot, which I don't doubt will be a family keepsake, as well as some other adorable photos. 



Naturally the boys wanted to climb that tree and little sister wasn't far behind. Little sister reminded me so much of my middle son, in all the best ways. She is a spitfire, full of personality and love for life and people. She had us cracking up and I loved how she is her own person, just like my Xander.



I heard that Mike & Gretchen's son is a Chef, and a famous one at that. He probably gets this a lot, but I'm always available to be a taste tester Aaron, ya know, just putting that out there! Their family session was my first time meeting them and he and his wife and daughter are such a sweet family as well.



The kids wanted to play and naturally, like most kids, wanted to go in four different direction...but their love for their Mimi & Papa was so precious!



Little C, who is much like a female version of my Xander, as I mentioned earlier, just cracked me up. There were a number of cute ones of her but this one of her while she grunted at me and my camera just makes me smile because it's so her. All these kids were so fun to photograph-I really enjoyed this big family photo session!



Thank you Mike & Gretchen for the privilege of photographing your family and spending some time with all of you. I loved getting to know more about you and your family heritage and capturing these moments on camera before your cutie pie grand kids grow up too much!




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